Insurance Claims Expert Witness On Expert Assignments Part 8

In When the Phone Rings … Twelve Questions for Prospective Expert Witness Assignments, insurance claims expert witness Kevin M. Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC, writes:

(9) Is there a trial date yet? If so, when? This also gives you a sense of the expected pace and timeline of the case. This can be highly relevant, especially if you are in a busy phase and juggling many engagements. You may have conflicting trial dates on other cases, or be scheduled for a deposition or attending a conference for which you have pre-registered. An imminent trial date may portend, “Fire Drill!” A futuristic or unset trial date may suggest that you will have ample time to analyze and digest the requisite materials without a crisis atmosphere. Some people thrive on crises; others have a hard time functioning effectively in this atmosphere. The proximity of the trial date may suggest the degree of “juggling” you may or may not have to do with other assignments and obligations.

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