Insurance Agencies Expert Witness On Advisory Boards Part 4

In The Advantages of Strategic Advisory Boards For Agency Owners insurance agencies expert witness Andres Barile, MBA, CPCU, writes:

Forming an agent-owned captive insurance company – Your retail insurance agency has been writing errors and omissions on real estate appraisers with a consistent 25 percent loss ratio, and you want to recapture some of the underwriting profit into your own agent-owned captive insurance company. You require a complete feasibility study, and want to raise the capital for the captive insurance company through a private placement memorandum. The technical task of structuring the feasibility study for the agent-owned captive can be delegated to the strategic advisory board. Should you use Arizona or Vermont, or even Hawaii as your domestic domicile? Do you want to own a Cayman Island agency captive, or Barbados? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each domicile, or shore and offshore? The strategic advisory director has all the answers to let you proceed with this concept to enhance value.

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