Information Technology Expert Witness Testifies In Google Patent Case

Information technology expert witness Mark Lanning testified Monday for Google in the case of Function Media versus Google. Michael Dean and Lucinda Stone, owners of Function Media, claim the Google products infringe their ‘025 and ‘059 patents. The patents involve taking raw data and automatically formatting customized advertisements to be published on Web sites.

During his testimony in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Lanning said he did not believe Google is guilty of infringement for a few reasons:

Google does not permit advertisers to input information to create an electronic advertisement customized to selected “Internet media venue’s presentation rules.” Presentation rules refer to the color, layout and content of a site.

Google does not publish advertisements to Internet media venues. It sends it directly to users.

Google does not allow advertisers to input information to selected Internet media venues and does not display advertisements on each selected Internet media venue.

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