Polygraph Expert Witness On Polygraph Examinations Part 7

In The Case for Forensic Polygraph Testing in Post-Adjudication Sexual Offender Examination and Management, polygraph expert witness Ken Blackstone writes:

Post-adjudication testing of convicted sex offenders is a different arena than pre-adjudication testing; however, it does not require a “reinvention of the wheel”. The parameters of forensic testing already exist. The responsible agencies, instead of ignoring these disciplines, should incorporate them into their existing discipline. This, among other things, will improve the quality of post-adjudication polygraph examiners and their work product by:

1. Providing specialized forensic level training for these post-adjudication polygraph examiners
2. Establishing standards for the conduct of professionals in post-adjudication polygraph testing

3. Setting requirements for the deployment of diagnostic single-issue testing during examinations

4. Providing supervision in the form of quality control and classroom review of examinations.

5. Providing training for non-examiner treatment providers and other professionals who are involved in sex offender management.

Ken Blackstone is an expert regarding polygraph examinations. He is the author of the book Polygraph, Sex Offenders, and the Court (2011, Emerson Books ISBN 978-061-5506-80-7). www.blackstonepolygraph.com