Security Expert Witness On Strip Shopping Centers Part 5

In Security Solutions for Strip Shopping Centers, author and security expert witness Karim H. Vellani discusses risks and solutions for strip shopping center security:

Analyzing the Information
Once we have our database of actual crimes, we can analyze the specific risk at each site. There are a number of queries that will assist in creating an effective security program. The first is a property-specific analysis which helps us differentiate between crime risks when comparing sites. For resource allocation, it is imperative that the analysis is focused at the property level. Given a security budget of $1,000,000 per year, this analysis allows us to compare risks at each site and allocate accordingly.

The next query is a crime-specific analysis which focuses on the type of crimes committed on the property. Knowing what crimes have occurred on the property will aid loss prevention managers in selecting specific prevention measures to prevent future occurrences as it tells us what particular asset is being targeted.