Architecture Expert Witness On Turnover Condition Reports Part 2

In New or Existing Building Turnover to Condo Ownership, architecture expert witness David E. Chase writes that no matter how many units are involved, a future condominium association should consider both the physical and financial status of any new or existing complex before Turnover to assume full ownership.

Actually, the Turnover Condition Report, covering the building common areas, site development improvements and individual units, should be carried out after the “punch list” and a Certificate of Occupancy but… before the association accepts full ownership of the complex.

A Turnover Condition Report ,prepared by an independent Architect and/or Engineer , should follow the professional standard of care commonly accepted for constructed improvements of this nature. The process begins with a walk-through and other visual observations together with an examination of the “permitted” building construction documents. Although not as exhaustive as a “punch list”, this due diligence activity will result in a Turnover Condition Report offering a generalized compilation of line items for the association to accept or… developer to correct, before the association accepts full Turnover ownership.

Construction components which are in play may be the Roof, Structure, Fire Protection systems, Elevators, Heating & Cooling systems, Plumbing, Electrical, Swimming Pool, Seawalls, Pavement and Parking areas, Drainage systems and/or Irrigation.