Expert Witnesses In Slip & Fall Cases Part 5

In More effective use of experts in slip-and-fall cases – The right expert will help you to better prepare the case and win it at trial, attorney David Reinard writes:

There is a second reason (besides trial) to retain an expert. A good expert can help you prepare the case. The expert can (and should):
• Help you prepare for key defense depositions,
particularly the “Person Most Qualified” deposition.
• Make you aware of minefields to be avoided at your client’s deposition.
• Educate you about issues you might have missed.
• Recognize when another type of expert is needed, and suggest names.
• Provide a declaration to defeat a summary judgment motion.
• Help you decide whether to settle or go to trial.
• Give you a reality check as to your chances for success.
• Assess the opposing expert, the expert’s opinions and assist in preparing you for cross-examination at the expert’s deposition and at trial.
• Prepare diagrams and photographs for use at trial.
• Work with you to ensure the expert’s successful direct examination at trial.

(The Advocate Magazine, March 2012)

David Reinard is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a member of ABOTA, and is regularly designated a Super Lawyer. He has tried dozens of cases throughout California.