Equipment & Machinery Expert Witness On Machine Tool Guard Risk Assessment Part 2

In MACHINE TOOL GUARD RISK ASSESSMENT, equipment and machinery expert witness
Kenneth Knott, Ph.D., P.E., Product Liability Dynamics, Inc., writes:

There are three times in the life cycle of a machine tool when it is useful to be able to assess the level of risk associated with the machine guarding system. First, it helps the designer of a machine tool to predict reasonably foreseeable accidents and provide the best means of avoiding them. Secondly, to encourage operating managers and personnel promote safe working conditions. Finally, to help attorneys and expert witnesses, should litigation ensure as a result of an accident associated with the machine safe guarding system.

There is an extensive body of published literature relating to risk assessment. A large part of this literature is so academic and complex that the general user will be unlikely to understand, use or even find interesting. However, well known techniques have been used in practice to analyze and evaluate the risks associated with designs and activities.