Marketing Expert Witness On Surveys In Legal Cases Part 3

In Good Data Drives Out Bad Cases, marketing expert witness and president of Applied Marketing Science, Inc, Robert L. Klein writes on the value of early data:

Often just the threat of a survey or the designation of a survey expert can motivate a plaintiff to rethink their strategy. A shoe manufacturer sued a boutique shoe store alleging that their distinctive product design was being infringed. Rather than giving up and rolling over, the alleged infringer retained a survey expert and indicated their intention to fight. This caused the plaintiff to take another look at the cost of proceeding and possible damages should they win. Their reevaluation of the case made continued litigation look like a poor business decision and the matter was dropped.

Surveys can be a powerful weapon in helping each side in a dispute see the real value of their position. And when the parties see both the truth and the beauty of their cases, settlement can occur. Because good data drives out bad cases.