School Safety Expert Witness On School Safety Cases Part 4

In EVALUATING AN EXPERT WITNESS FOR SCHOOL SAFETY CASES, school safety expert witness Michael Dorn writes:

The Need to Evaluate an Expert Witness before Hiring
Whether an attorney advocates for the defense or the plaintiff, few things can be as damaging to a civil or criminal case as finding out during a deposition or trial that an expert witness has serious skeletons in their closet, such as:
 Having been arrested or indicted for a felony  Being terminated for serious criminal conduct in a work setting  Being caught embezzling funds from an employer  Being arrested for drunk driving while driving a fake police car  Violating government regulations on grant applications and bidding processes  Falsifying work experience  Falsifying professional credentials  Listing a degree on a resume which has never been earned (i.e. associates, bachelors, masters, law degrees, PhDs, etc.)