Construction Site Expert Witness On Trench Collapses Part 2

In Construction Trench Collapse Cases Require Knowledge and Experience with OSHA, construction site expert witness William Gulya, Jr., President & CEO, Middlesex Trenching Company, writes:

Trench collapse cases are frequently very intense, as the result is often death or serious injury. Experts must be experienced and proficient in various shoring components, construction installation methods and means, soil classifications, impact of weather conditions, testing, OSHA regulations regarding workplace safety, and OSHA investigative report conclusions. Trench collapse cases often require the expert give oral testimony in lengthy depositions and review countless other documents, and evidence. The expert must also be explicitly familiar with OSHA citations that may have been issued in the case. OSHA uses classifications of citations such as “willful and serious,” and the expert must be well versed in the implications these classifications have on the case. After a thorough review of all the documentation, depositions and other evidence, the expert must provide an initial expert report and likely supplemental or rebuttal reports, which include testing results, graphs, charts, detailed analysis, and conclusive supported professional opinion. The report must be clear, concise, detailed and accurate, and presented professionally.