Rules For Working With Economics Expert Witnesses

In 14 Rules For Working With An Expert Economist, expert witness Dr. Jerome M. Staller offers “rules” to follow that will help your economics expert witness do the best job he or she can for you and your client.

Retain experts early enough to assist with discovery. This should be a no-brainer, yet I still get calls asking if I can testify in a case that is being tried next week. To produce a credible, defensible and thorough damages argument, I need specific and detailed data, much of which can only be obtained through discovery. This takes time.

Work to understand relevant technical issues. The best attorneys I have worked with share one significant trait: they have an avid curiosity about the details of all phases of each case — liability, damages and everything else, and work to understand all relevant technical aspects of a claim.

Excerpted from The Center for Forensic Economic Studies