Hydrology Expert Witnesses & Las Posas Project

Hydrology expert witnesses may consult on hydrogeology, hydrologic engineering, water resources, groundwater hydrology, watershed hydrology, and more. The Las Posas Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project is in the news this week after it became evident that the system is leaking. Groundwater levels have dropped steeply at the Moorpark, CA, facility which includes a five million gallon water storage tank. Planned to warehouse water below ground to be pumped out during dry spells or emergencies, the project, now owned by Calleguas Municipal Water District, has been a failure. Calleguas described the project:

The project includes the installation of thirty ASR wells within an approximate nine-square mile area in the Las Posas Basin, nearly thirty miles of large diameter pipeline to connect the wells with existing District infrastructure in the cities of Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, and a combined pump/hydroelectric generation station in the City of Moorpark to facilitate the flow of water to and from the wells.

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