Hydrology and Groundwater Expert Witnesses

Hydrology and groundwater expert witnesses study the quantity, distribution, circulation, and physical properties of underground and surface waters to locate water and energy resources, predict water-related geologic hazards, and offer environmental site assessments.

Hydrologists can deduce the flow of underground water by characteristics, including permeability, of the soil and bedrock; by how water behaves near other sources of water, such as rivers and oceans; and through fluid flow models based on water movements on the Earth’s surface.

Hydrologists also study water pollution. They use their skills to determine the movement/extent of contamination from landfills, mine runoff, and other potentially contaminated sites to surface and subsurface water. Hydrologists employ sophisticated techniques and instruments, such as remote sensing technology, and numerical modeling to monitor the change in regional and global water cycles. Surface-water Hydrologists use sensitive stream-measuring devices to assess flow rates and the quality of water.

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