Hydrologic Engineering Expert Witnesses & Pollutants

Hydrologic engineering expert witnesses may write reports on underground and surface waters including storm drains, water-related geologic hazards, environmental site assessments, and related topics.

Hydrologic engineers frequently work with environmental engineers in consulting firms that advise and help businesses and government agencies to comply with environmental policy, particularly with regard to groundwater decontamination and flood control. They also conduct research on sources of pollutants and make recommendations on how best to clean and preserve the environment.

Hydrologists utilize their observations of hydrologic processes to make predictions of the future behavior of hydrologic systems (i.e., water flow and water quality). These estimates are important for engineers and economists so that proper risk analysis can be performed to influence investment decisions in future infrastructure projects and to determine the yield reliability characteristics of water supply systems. These estimates also are key in designing dams for water supply or hydroelectric power generation and formulating operating rules for large dams that are part of systems that include agricultural, industrial, and residential demands.

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