HVAC Expert Witness On Industry Guidelines Part 2

In General Issues For Attorneys In HVAC Cases, HVAC expert witness Russell M. Keeler writes on the important strengths to look for in an HVAC expert:

Years of HVAC design experience ( but not 5 years 5 times). Design experience should include varied project types, unless a specific project type is in question (i.e. Schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.) Even then, if the issue is generic, such as piping or water chillers, experience in the specific project type is not required.

Has the expert spent time performing troubleshooting work, or just new design? Troubleshooting exposes the expert to the “whys” of malfunctions, while those working only on new projects tend to repeat the same mistakes due to a lack of feedback.

Will the expert provide hands on research, or farm it out to subordinates.

Does the expert speak in jargon, or can he explain complex technical issues in laymanese.

Beware the expert who offers expertise over too wide a range. For example, an expert whose background and experience are in structural engineering should not offer electrical or geotechnical advice.

Reprinted with permission from Mr. Russell Keeler.