Hospitality Expert Witness On ADR Part 1

In Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Hospitality Industry hospitality expert witness Maurice Robinson writes:

With the increasing popularity of ADR in all areas of business, it was inevitable that the hospitality industry would take note of its advantages. With the escalating costs associated with litigation, organizations involved in the hospitality sector are increasingly recognizing that disputes that arise between parties may be reasonably, fairly and economically resolved through ADR. Hotel management and franchise agreements, for example, have frequently included arbitration and mediation provisions, but they generally have referred to standard rules and used third-party providers with little background in the industry.

Arbitrators and mediators have thus been brought into hospitality dispute resolution with little understanding of the history and dynamics of the sector. And while neutrality has generally been assured, there has been frustration associated with the frequent lack of understanding of the issues involved on the part of the key players in the process – the arbitrators and mediators.

Mr. Robinson has 30 years experience in the hotel and real estate industry business and is President of Maurice Robinson & Associates LLC.