Hospital Administration Expert Witnesses

Hospital administration expert witnesses may write reports and opine on hospital regulations, physician credentialing, hospital bylaws, and related topics. In How to Work as a Hospital Administration Expert, writes:

Hospital administrators are executive-level staffs who oversee all areas of hospital management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook handbook, the median salary for a medical and health services managers is $73,340 per year.

Get a degree in a field related to hospital administration. Although you may work as a hospital administrator with a bachelor’s degree, most hospital administration experts have a master’s degree or doctorate in healthcare management or related field.

Build experience in healthcare management. Hospital administrators must be able to manage all aspects of the hospital, including personnel, clinical services, finances, development, and risk-management. Prior to working as a hospital administrator, it is beneficial to serve in a lower-level supervisory role in one of these areas so that you understand the practical implications of your work.

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