Homeowner’s Insurance Expert On Property Loss Part 2

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 3.5 million housing units in the U.S. are for seasonal, recreational or occasional use–from big summer estates and time-share condos to A-frame structures and simple fishing cabins.

“That means these homes are unoccupied a good portion of the year,” says homeowner’s insurance expert Charles Valinotti, senior vice president, QBE Regional. He offers tips on how you can minimize property loss and damage for your home away from home:

• Snuff out fire hazards–Valinotti says he’s seen several large losses as a result of portable fire pits, where ashes can smolder long after a homeowner has locked up and left. Before you vacate your vacation home, make sure coals are completely extinguished. Consider signing on with a central-station alarm company that provides services to monitor burglar and fire alarm systems.

• Discourage break-ins–Burglar alarm systems will summon help to vacation homes in more-populated areas but aren’t as effective for isolated cabins, which are more difficult for police to locate. Invest in high-quality dead-bolt locks and post an alarm warning as a deterrent.

Attending to these important details can go a long way to protect your investment and ensure continued enjoyment of your seasonal home.

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