Hiring the Right Products Liability Expert Witness

In How to Use Experts to Prove the Plaintiff’s Case, Thomas M. Demsey advises attorneys on how to find the right fit with an expert witness. In complex factual situations such as products liability cases Demsey states that “Too often the initial consideration is not well thought-out.” Finding the right products liability expert witness involves asking for recommendations from other attorneys and making sure you can afford the expert.

Not only must the expert be available for consultation and advice during the discovery part of your csae, but you should not feel that you cannot afford to seek this consultation when it is necessary. This does not mean you are constantly running to the individual for consultation on trivial matters, but you must be able to contact this person whenever the need truly arises.

Sometimes an expert will not be able to testify for you, but that same expert can lead you to others who would be able to testify in your case. Furthermore, an expert can be used as a consultant, and this alone is often worth the time, effort and expense of consulting an expert.

From How to Use Experts to Prove the Plaintiff’s Case, Thomas M. Dempsey, The Advocate Magazine, January 2008.