Hire A Bus and Truck Safety Accident Expert Witness Quickly

In Pre-Suit Investigation in 18-Wheeler Trucking Cases InjuryBoard.com suggests that in the event of a trucking accident:

Retain a Trucking Industry/Accident Reconstruction Expert: Important information can be lost forever in the investigation is not preformed accurately and immediately. This is the best step to lay the groundwork for a great case. A well qualified expert in the trucking industry can assist in gathering all the evidence necessary to guide the case. Experts know what documents are needed to find out the truth behind the wreck. A expert will examine the brakes, gearing and rear-end ratios, and load configuration of the big truck after the wreck to see if truck meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Often these trucks have electronic control modules (ECMs) that record data generated by the truck and its engine. Our firm is equipped with a team of experts who can immediately assist after a 18 wheeler accident.