Helicopter Expert Witnesses Testify in Black Hawk Crash

The last expert witnesses are giving evidence at the investigation into the fatal Black Hawk helicopter crash off Fiji in November 2006. Helicopter expert witnesses have focused on the problem of rotor droop, a loss of power to the rotor blade. Officers have stated it happens when the aircraft is mishandled while others propose that it is a characteristic of the Black Hawk that had not been formerly reported. Abc.net.au also writes:

Captain Mark Bingley was performing a demanding assault-style landing when rotor droop developed and Black Hawk 221 hit the deck of the HMAS Kanimbla on November 29. Capt Bingley and SAS trooper Joshua Porter were killed in the ensuing crash. Experts have confirmed pilots are under pressure to perform risky manouevres when carrying SAS troops and there are significant gaps in training for the aircraft.