ForensisGroup Director On Researching Experts

Since 1991 ForensisGroup, Inc., has referred consultants, expert witnesses, forensic experts, and investigators in most technical, construction, medical, scientific, and engineering disciplines. Director Mercy Steenwyk advises legal professionals to keep these things in mind when looking at expert resumes, curriculum vitae (CV’s), and profiles:

1) Many areas of expertise might be satisfied by a range of disciplines.

Depending on the circumstance and the investigatory aims, fire cause and origin investigations may call for scientists, engineers, or skilled technicians in the building trades. Similarly, a given mold issue may be resolved by a medical toxicologist, general physician, environmental or occupational health expert, architectural engineer, or general contractor.

2) The only way to know for sure what areas of expertise an expert has is to speak with them.

No profile or resume is capable of summing up a lifetime’s professional experience. It is always beneficial to let us put you in touch with experts whose unique understanding and experience might favorably impact the outcome of your case by illuminating the technical issues involved.

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