Forensic Engineering Expert Witness On New NYC Legislation

Forensic engineering expert witness Andrew Yarmus writes that on May 12, 2009, the Epoch Times reported that newly announced NYC legislation will enhance safety protocols, oversight, and inter-agency communication at construction, demolition, and abatement site across the city. The new legislation incorporates 33 recommendations to enhance standpipe and sprinkler safety, improve inter-agency communication, increase safety at construction and demolition sites, regulate oversight, and improve safety of asbestos abatement. From

The new legislation includes 11 bills that include the following measures:

• Implementation of the uniform color coding of standpipe and sprinkler systems for ease of identification in case of emergency;
• Required pressure testing of new or altered sprinkler or standpipe systems;
• Site safety managers mandate to conduct daily checks of standpipes and weekly tracing of the system at construction and demolition sites to ensure no breach has occurred;
• DEP, FDNY and DOB mandate to share information about violations issued and other key inspection data so that inspectors from all three agencies are aware of any serious problems and have the knowledge to allocate sufficient resources to the properties with the highest risks;
• Mandatory submission of a detailed plan for demolition by a registered design professional in the permit application process;
• Implementation of a zero-tolerance smoking policy at certain demolition, construction and abatement sites;
• Limiting simultaneous asbestos abatement and full demolition work unless the job meets certain thresholds established by DEP, FDNY and DOB;