Foreign Language Translation Expert Witnesses

Foreign language translation expert witnesses may opine on translations for depositions and legal proceedings, source languages, and more. In Florida to Require Certified Court Interpreters the American Translators Association writes:

Beginning July 1, courts throughout the state of Florida will be required to use state-certified interpreters. Interpreters will be required to pass an oral and written exam that measures their proficiency in English, foreign languages, courtroom procedures, and legal terminology. Continuing education courses also will be required. Previously, training and testing were voluntary. The new law will likely boost the demand for the state’s interpreters, which already have seen their work increase as the population soars. In Brevard County, for example, there were 294 cases that called for interpreters in the county’s 2004-2005 fiscal year, but that number nearly doubled to 547 cases in the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

Since July 2007, there have been requests for interpreters in about 400 cases, a pace that would set a new record. Although Spanish is the most requested language, other popular languages include Russian, Vietnamese, and Portuguese, says Earth Languages co-owner Julie Graybeal. Haitian Creole also is popular. Brevard County has a contract with an interpreter agency that draws from a pool of about 40 interpreters fluent in 27 languages. Judges may also use a telephone interpreting service when a live interpreter is not available on short notice. Brevard County interpreter Lea Collins says she uses newspapers, television, and the radio to keep up with Spanish and French slang, legal and medical terms, and cultural references.