Firearms Expert Witness Describes Firearms Identifcation – Part 2

Former NYPD detective James M. Gannalo is a forensic firearms consultant, firearms and ballistics expert witness and President of Stria Consulting Group. Here he describes aspects of firearms identification:

3) Laser Trajectory Analysis of Bullet Paths – use of a portable scientific laser and inclinometer to determine the direction and angle of a bullet’s flight. This method is also used to accurately determine the origin of a gunshot.

4) Gunshot Residue Distance Determination – creating and analyzing test specimens to illustrate the approximate distance a firearm was discharged from an individual. This test can produce crucial evidence when assessing the validity of witness statements.

5) Operability and Microscopic Report Review and Evaluation – professional review of case notes, case files and scientific reports relating to firearms operability and conclusions based on microscopic examination. This is also utilized as an assessment of methodology and procedures relating to established laboratory protocols.

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