Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Expert Witnesses

Federal motor vehicle safety standards expert witnesses may opine on the truck manufacturing industry, federal motor vehicle safety standards of truck drivers, and related topics. On their website, The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers offers a link to Follow your Wreck-less Checklist

1. Consciously make a decision each and every time you get behind the wheel to make all other activities, passengers and priorities secondary to driving.
2. Before you start your car:
1. Put on any accessories you may need, such as sunglasses or BluetoothTM ear pieces;
2. Adjust seats, head rests, vehicle controls and mirrors;
3. Fasten your seat belt;
4. Move all reading material away from easy reach;
5. Pre-load CDs or mp3 playlists and adjust volume level so your music does not mask the sounds of emergency sirens; and 6. Enter an address in the navigation system before you depart or review maps and written directions before you drive.
3. The AAOS, OTA and the Auto Alliance encourage all drivers to simply stop your vehicle – in a safe area – any time there is a distraction that needs your attention, such as retrieving items, having an involved discussion, reading, smoking, or disciplining a child.
4. Do not eat or drink while driving.
5. Keep your eyes on the road.
6. Driving is not the time to apply makeup, groom, polish your nails, or change clothing.