Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Expert Witnesses & Safety Standards Part 2

Federal motor carrier safety regulations expert witnesses may opine on qualifications of truck drivers and federal motor vehicle safety standards. The American Trucking Associations website writes that Texting While Driving is Scientifically Dangerous

Driver behavior is the most common cause of all vehicle crashes. ATA’s safety agenda includes 11 policies focused on improving driver performance. In addition to policies that restrict the use of non-integrated technologies while the vehicle is in motion, ATA recommends:

· Uniform commercial drivers license testing standards;
· A CDL graduated licensing study;
· Additional parking facilities for trucks;
· Governing large truck speeds at 65 mph or less;
· A national maximum 65 mph speed limit for all vehicles;
· Strategies to increase the use of seat belts;
· A national car-truck driver behavior improvement program;
· Increased use of red light cameras and automated speed enforcement;
· Graduated licensing standards in all states for non-commercial teen drivers; and · More stringent laws to reduce drinking and driving.

The trucking industry is dedicated to improving highway safety for all motorists. Over the last 5 years the number of large truck crash injuries per 100 million miles has dropped 25 percent and the truck-involved fatality rate has dropped 22 percent. The fatality rate has dropped 66 percent since the DOT began keeping those records in 1975 and is now at its historical low.