Fatigue Limit Expert Witness On Driver Fatigue Part 2

In Driver Fatigue is the Number One Safety Issue in the Truck and Bus Industry, fatigue limit expert witness Dennis Wylie writes:

The causes of driver fatigue, fatigue-induced cognitive impairment, driver drowsiness, and the subjective experience of fatigue include:
excessive hours of work inadequate hours of sleep night time driving irregular work-rest schedules
In 1995 the U.S. Department of Transportation sponsored a National Truck and Bus Safety Summit. The goal was to bring together representatives of the many organizations involved in motor carrier safety to prioritize the safety issues facing the industry. Groups of experts represented drivers, enforcement, shippers and carriers, researchers, highway safety, professional associations, safety management systems, government organizations, and manufacturers/suppliers. This comprehensive assembly came to the consensus that driver fatigue was the number one safety issue of the motor carrier community. Driver fatigue remains the leading safety issue.