Expert Witnesses Testify in Record Breaking Divorce Case

Last week the divorce trial of Peter and Nancy Tauck topped Connecticut records for time and money spent. Over $10.5 million has been spent and even the FBI got involved when Nancy Tauch claimed her husband’s laptop had child pornography on it. Mrs. Tauck’s attorneys told Robert Rabetsky, a computer expert witness, to deliver copies of a CD of images downloaded from the laptop’s hard drive to the Westport police and the U.S. attorney’s office. “I was told to make sure an FBI agent received it,” Rabetsky testified.

But that charge is not likely to stick. By examining the cache or memory on the computer, expert witnesses on both sides testified that Peter Tauck could not have downloaded the pornographic images. Mr. Tauck was in Tahiti at the time and there was no evidence that the computer was accessed remotely. Someone did access the computer and it it likely that it was Mrs. Tauck. W. Anthony Whitledge, Nancy Tauck’s computer forensics expert witness, testified that he could not rule out the possiblity that the wife did it, reports The Hartfort Courant.