Expert Witness Supports Insanity Plea For Accused Who Murdered Grandparents

Stark County, OH, Judge Richard Reinbold ruled that Brian C. Aduddell, accused of murdering his grandparents, was not guilty by reason of insanity. “It’s for life,” said Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero. “There will be periodic reviews, but he could spend the rest of his life there.” Ferrero said his office has a great deal of respect for Dr. Kathleen Stafford, the director/clinical (forensic) psychologist of the Psycho-Diagnostic Clinic in Akron, who evaluated Aduddell. Stafford has been an expert witness for 30 years in about 150 cases.

Aduddell was facing two counts of murder – one count each for Charles Evans, 81, and his wife, Evelyn, 80, of 2129 Mayflower Road N.W. – that carried a possible sentence of 15 years to life. also writes that forensic psychology expert witness Stafford:

..used several different methods to evaluate Aduddell including in-depth one-on-one sessions totaling about for hours in May and June, psychological testing, interviews with family and friends, and observations made by deputies at the Stark County Jail, and officers who dealt with him immediately after the crime in Willard, Findlay and Massillon.