Expert Witness Seminar: How To Deliver Effective & Convincing Testimony

Roger A. Lenneberg of Constructive Solutions, LLC can tell you that the best experts know more than just their field-they know how to be a witness. His seminar Law, Evidence & Testimony For Building Forensics Experts – What to Say, When to Say It, and How to Say It is designed to provide experts with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and deliver effective, convincing testimony. Presenters include:

Mr. Lenneberg, with 25 years experience as a trial lawyer and mediator in the construction industry. He is a frequent lecturer on construction law and mediation. He also offers seminars for contractors on risk and project management. Roger is the past Chairman of the Construction Section for the Oregon State Bar and is admitted to practice in Oregon and Washington.

Laura Dominic, Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Inc., with 12 years of experience as a jury consultant. She has worked with hundreds of witnesses to improve confidence and credibility. She has given many seminars and participated in witness training workshops for all types of lay and expert witnesses. Her services also include strategic case presentation, creating persuasive demonstrative exhibits to support witness testimony, jury selection, and pre-trial jury research.

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