Expert Witness Says Deputy Webb Justified in Shooting Unarmed Man

Ivory J. Webb Jr., a sheriff’s deputy in San Bernardino County, says he was justified in shooting an unarmed man at the end of a car chase. Webb is charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm. Law enforcement and police procedures expert witness Kent Ferrin told the jury that he was convinced Webb shot Elio Carrion because Webb believed Carrion had lunged at him. The defense expert witness, an 18-year police veteran, was cross-examined for more than four hours in the San Bernadino Superior Court case. The reported:

“He felt that his life was in danger,” Ferrin testified. “He discharged his weapon at Mr. Carrion because he felt his life was in danger.” However, a videotape of the Jan. 29, 2006, shooting appears to show Webb shoot Carrion as Carrion followed the deputy’s orders to “get up” off the ground. Closing arguments are expected by June 26.