Expert Witness May Testify in R&B Singer’s Child Pornography Trial

The trial for singer R. Kelly will begin September 17 more than five years after he was charged with multiple counts of child pornography. Kelly allegedly videotaped himself having sex with a girl prosecutors say could be as young as 13. The girl denies that she’s the person on the tape and prosecutors want to call a child pornography expert witness to testify that denial is a common issue with victims of child pornography. Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan will also rule on whether an expert witness could testify that the veins in Kelly’s hand are consistent with those in the hand of the man in the video. also writes:

After the prosecution tried for a reversal, Judge Vincent Gaughan upheld his ruling that the media and public could view the sex tape that allegedly depicts Kelly having sex with an underage girl and is at the heart of the charges.