Rosalie Hamilton On Expert Witness Advertising Part 1

In Who Said Experts Shouldn’t Advertise?, leading authority on expert witness marketing and founder of Expert Communications Rosalie Hamilton writes:

In response to one of our recent emails to Expert News readers, we received an email saying, “I thought experts are not supposed to advertise, even through websites.”

I think you might find our dialogue of interest. I have edited the communication for length and confidentiality.
My emailed reply was:

XXX, I don’t know where such an idea could have come from. I’ve only heard it from a couple of defense attorneys who of course don’t want experts making themselves available for plaintiff lawyers as well as for defense (defense – including insurance – attorneys have no trouble finding experts; plaintiff attorneys have more difficulty, thus look for experts’ advertising, as well as in other ways). Doctors and lawyers advertise; churches advertise; and so does every other product and service we use — advertising is a fact of life.

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