Expert Witness Marketing Consultant Tip

A reminder from expert witness marketing consultant, strategist & coach Rosalie Hamilton:

Expert Witness Websites – Contact Info?
I hate to bring this up again, but — please include contact information on your website! I had a friend contact me recently for help in finding an expert witness in a particular area of expertise. I found four and went to their websites. Two (TWO of the four!) had NO contact information whatsoever. One had a “Contact” form with several lines of required information. Only one had a phone number, address, and email listed.

An attorney is not going to take the time to search for how to reach you; he or she is simply going to move to the next expert on the list. Nor will they fill out a “Contact” form.

The point of having a website is to help potential clients find you when they need your services. If they can’t then contact you and retain you, why bother?