Expert Witness Henry Lee May Not Testify in Spector’s Defense

Years before he allegedly shot actress Lana Clarkson, Phil Spector angrily declared that women “all deserve a bullet in their heads,” a former security guard testified Monday. Spector had been escorted out of Christmas parties at Joan Rivers’ New York home two years in a row in the 1990s after ranting about shooting women. Another setback in Spector’s defense is the uncertainity that forensic science expert witness Henry Lee will appear as an expert. As reported in

The defense is counting on Lee to convince jurors that bloodstains on Spector’s clothing show that he was standing too far from Clarkson to have pulled the trigger. But Lee was rattled earlier in the trial when Fidler ruled that the scientist had hidden a piece of evidence from prosecutors. Lee told the Connecticut newspaper in a June 27 article, “My findings [are] not that important at all. Nine to 10 other expert witnesses will say the same thing. They don’t really need me.”