Expert Witness Disputes San Diego Diocese Bankruptcy Claims

Bankruptcy judge Louise Adler will rule in September whether the San Diego’s Catholic Diocese can legitimately file for bankruptcy. Attorneys representing 150 people who claim they were victims say re-activating those trials is the only way to force the diocese into a settlement. Judge Adler called in financial expert witness Todd Neisen to audit the San Diego’s Catholic Diocese. The expert witness was asked to consider if parishes are independent financially and can be considered separately from the diocese assets. also writes that Neisen said:

His analysis of the churches’ books revealed a “financial stew” where you can separate the peas from the carrots and the potatoes, but the money is all essentially co-mingled. He compared the financial relationship of the diocese to the parishes as that of a neglectful parent who never audits the books.

Attorneys for the diocese argued no money was hidden, but even the judge disputed their claims that money was not transferred after the sex abuse lawsuits were filed.