Expert Henry Lee May Have Removed Evidence in Spector Case

The judge in Phil Spector’s murder trial ruled that forensic scientist expert witness Henry Lee removed something from the scene where actress Lana Clarkson was shot and withheld it from the prosecution. Lee has previously testified in the high profile cases of O.J. Simpson, William Kennedy Smith, Kobe Bryant, JonBenet Ramsey, Scott Peterson, Chandra Levy, Michael Skakel, Vincent Foster and the Branch Davidian compound fire.

Dr. Lee has a lot to lose here,” said Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler, casting doubt on the expert’s credibility.

Judge Fidler heard testimony from several witnesses on the mystery of a piece of fingernail missing from the crime scene. Lee’s expert witness testimony is expected to interpret blood spatter patterns supporting the claim that Clarkson killed herself in Spector’s home reports