Environmental Toxicology Expert Witnesses & Fire Retardants

Environmental toxicology expert witnesses may write reports and opine regarding toxic chemicals exposure, PCBs, forensic toxicology, and related matters. The Washington state Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee heard testimony on legislation to ban two carcinogenic flame retardants in car seats, strollers and other products made for young children. Chlorinated Tris (TDCPP) was banned from children’s sleepwear in 1977 but is still used as a foam additive. New York state banned TCEP from children’s products two years ago.

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters and the Washington Toxics Coalition supports the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act (House Bill 1294 and Senate Bill 5181) which bans two forms of tris flame retardants (TDCPP and TCEP) in children’s products and home furniture beginning July 1, 2014. It would also prevent makers of children’s products and home furniture from replacing Tris with other toxic flame retardants that have been identified by the state Ecology Department as a concern for children’s health beginning July 1, 2015.