Entertainment Expert Witnesses & Copyright Part 3

Entertainment expert witnesses may testify on motion picture distribution, media piracy, royalties, and related topics. In Protecting Creativity, Expanding Consumer Choice, the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. writes:

More than 2.4 million American jobs rely upon a healthy film and television industry in the United States. We are committed to safeguarding these jobs by protecting intellectual property and delivering innovative choices to consumers. To be successful, we seek to constructively engage with diverse stakeholders. This includes:

* Partnering with the technology and communications communities to reduce copyright theft and expand the diversity of legitimate choices available to consumers, so they can enjoy the genuine product – authentic copies of movies & TV shows – at a fair price and in flexible and hassle-free ways.
* Working to include strong intellectual property rights provisions in every U.S. trade agreement and working to ensure that all parties uphold the commitments we have made to one another to protect the power of creative ideas around the world.
* Working with law enforcement and other entities to safeguard intellectual property rights as a cornerstone of our global information economy.
* Collaborating with educators to promote respect for copyright at an early age and teaching the importance of responsible digital citizenship.

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