Gas Stations Expert Witnesses

Gas stations expert witnesses may opine on service stations, filling stations, gasoline, petrol, and diesel fuel. Here the California Service Station & Automotive Repair Association writes on ENHANCED INSPECTION PROGRAM FOR VST (Vapor Systems Technologies Inc.) NOZZLES:

On July 26, the Air Resources Board (ARB) held a meeting with industry associations and representatives to clarify expectations of the Enhanced Inspection Program that will mitigate gasoline spray incidents by VST nozzles.

A few CSSARA members have shared specific issues that they have had concerning customer complaints about pumping gas without hold-open nozzle clips, and about VST removing clips without prior approval in an attempt to fix the problem. Dealers have said that they have had VST reattach the clips to satisfy customers. The ARB is aware of these complaints and is exploring steps to be taken to alleviate the problems.

At this time, it is recommended that you make daily inspections of your VST nozzles to make sure that the clips are working properly and that gasoline is not still in the hoses. We welcome your observations, comments, and questions about this program and possible solutions.

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