Engineered Composites Expert Witnesses & Baseball Bats

Engineered composites expert witnesses may opine on aerospace components, household products, sports equipment, and more. This week the Little League issued a moratorium on composite bats, which on many fields have replaced aluminum (and wood) as the preferred equipment for young players. “A ball could go farther and harder and some of these kids are small so it’s a safety concern that we’re looking at,” said Greg Jones, a Palma Ceia Little League board member.

The bats are prized for their performance factor. Fans say the ball comes off the bat faster and goes farther, giving hitters more power to hit home runs and boost team scores. “It’s carbon fiber, but there’s also a resin in it that expands and it allows the barrel of the bat to flex, which gives it more pop,” said Paul Borgeson, who has been selling the popular bats at Play it Again Sports.

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