Emergency Warning Expert Witness Speaks at CA Senate Hearing

DialPro Northwest CEO Dennis R. Tyler appeared as an emergency warning expert witness at the California State Senate’s hearing on campus emergency warning systems which was held in response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Expert witness Tyler spoke at the hearing entitled “Emergency Alert Systems – Can We Protect our Students,” conducted earlier this month by the California State Senate Governmental Organization Committee, which oversees emergency preparedness in California. As reported in The Seattle Business Wire Senator Florez remarked:

The safety of our schools and universities are of paramount concern, and today’s emergency event notification systems offer ways to quickly notify students and staff in the event of a disaster or emergency,” said Tyler. “With the advances in communications technology, it is possible to create emergency event notification systems that are multi-modal; that is, they can be customized to contact students and staff through a variety of means, from text messaging, email, pager or phone call, depending on their preference. Not only do these systems work for schools, but for business of all types as well.