Emergency Communications Expert Witness On Public Safety Experts Part 1

In Public Safety Experts: No Longer “The Retired Cop,” emergency communications and 911 expert witness Charles D. Carter writes:

It has been well-established that an expert witness is someone who the court recognizes as an authority on a specific topic. Every profession has specific criteria for individuals who desire to be considered an expert within that profession. Most professions and criteria for experts in those professions have been established for many years. Some are as old as America.

New technologies have created new professions. Before computers, there wasn’t a need for experts in computer fraud or computer forensics. Specializations within professions have created subspecialties. For example, public safety has been around as long as America. Within the public safety spectrum, two professions initially existed based on what was brought from England – law enforcement and fire service.

Law Enforcement
When law enforcement began, it was foot patrols so no “high-speed pursuit” experts were needed. As vehicles were used, radios were added to the police cars and technology evolved and so did police communications experts. Now there are many specialties and sub-specialties in law enforcement as pointed out in a previous article by former Chief Andy Hall. These include Monell liability, policies and procedures, professional conduct, use of force, detention and arrest, interview and interrogation, investigative policy and practice, training policy and management, police pursuit, and others.