Electrical Accidents Expert Witness On Electrical Injuries

Electrical accidents expert witness Lawrence Kamm writes on electrical injuries:

Electrical accidents create personal injuries which are the subjects of attorneys’ lawsuits. Expert witnesses reconstruct these accidents for lawyers and establish their liabilities. Among these accidents are electric shocks, electrocutions, electrical explosions, electrical fires, and flash burns. Lawyers are particularly interested in product liability cases. This lawyer’s tutorial explains the basics of electrical accidents as an introduction to dealing with expert witnesses.

Electricity is a major asset but, along with gasoline, drugs, and explosives it can do major harm if not handled carefully. Electricity is invisible and has no sound or smell but it can give you a shock which may startle you, paralyze you, damage your internal organs in many ways, burn your skin, and kill you. The heat from a short circuit arc may give you a flash burn and a blast injury, the radiation from an electrically powered X-ray tube, laser, or radar antenna can cause internal or external burns, a lightning strike may give you a major shock or electrocution, and an electrically operated device may malfunction and injure you.

Other than shocks to people electrical accidents can start fires, cause explosions, and damage equipment.

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