DUI Expert Witness On Your Reputation

Even if you’ve been lucky and avoided tickets for years, being pulled over for speeding or drunken driving could cost you plenty. Fines, legal fees, and hiring an expert witness can add up to a “financial mugging.” In First-time driving offenders don’t get off easy , AOLautos writes on how a DUI can also affect your reputation:

If you are a professional — a doctor, an attorney, a stock broker, pilot, a teacher, even a politician these days — a DUI arrest, not to mention a conviction, is most certain to affect your reputation, your standing in the community or group to which you belong, and even your professional credentials.

Even if you are just the third cubicle on the right at the travel agency, produce manager of Safeway #376 or third camera assistant on the local TV news, your career track now has a speed bump in it, a DUI on your record that can stay there for years, potentially and/or actually damaging your chances for advancement and/or qualifying for a better job at another organization.