Dogs Expert Witness Testifies In Military Court Trial

Ex-drill instructor Sgt. Jerrod Glass is standing trial in military court for allegedly hitting, slapping, and abusing dozens of recruits. Expert witness Gunnery Sgt. Rogerio De Leon, one of the depot’s most experienced drill instructors, testified that even “incentive training” has strict guidelines. The military expert witness said recruits in the first weeks of training can be ordered to do push-ups as incentive training for only three minutes at a time, followed by a 30-second break. The prosecution argued that Glass treated Marine canines better than soldiers. LA also writes:

Gunnery Sgt. James Cobb, who was kennel master at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot here when Glass was assistant kennel master, testified as a dogs expert witness that Glass followed one of the cardinal rules of dog-handling: Never hit a dog…’Are you trying to argue that he treated his dogs better than his recruits?’ (defense attorney) Meeks asked in an angry tone. ‘Yes,’ said Capt. Christian Pappas, the prosecutor.