Document Examination Expert Witness On Attorney Questions #2

In Questions Attorneys Pose Regarding Document Examination, document examination expert witness Jan Leach writes:

4. How are document examiners paid? The document examiner is paid a retainer to begin the case. Fees are generally posted and set . The fees are not related to outcomes. Document Examiners are paid for their time and research design for questioned issues.

5. How calendared are Document Examiners? Often Document Examiners are scheduled out three to four months ahead. It is good to inform the examiner of hearings, depositions, court appearances, and any other deadlines critical to the case. Since the field of Document Examiners is small, DE’s often travel several states to fit attorneys’ needs.

6. Why should an expert be used? A competent, qualified expert may provide crucial evidence to move your case forward.

Jan Leach is a Forensic Document Examiner with court appearances in Florida, NY and the southern states since 1996. Typical cases include contracts, disputed wills, quit claim deeds, mortgages, trusts, altered medical and insurance records, promissory notes, and identity theft.