Disaster Management Expert Witness On Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath

I asked safety and disaster management expert Dr. Michael J. Fagel to comment on the Typhoon Haiyan disaster. He specializes in industrial safety, OSHA, safety, FEMA, security, transportation, and the food industries. He spent over 100 days at ground zero following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Planning, something we always talk about, but, when the disaster happens, we wonder what has occurred and why. The extraordinary events that have occurred in the Philippines, underscore the need for human services and support. I have been to many hurricanes and man made disasters over the last 30 years.

We must strive for open and honest communications during the event. Specifically,

Water Shelter Sanitation Medical Care
are THE things we as humans need, and our injured and dislocated fellow members of the Philippines are now in DIRE need. The time during an event is NOT the time to blame, BUT, the time to prepare for the needs of those affected.

As a disaster response planner, and having been world wide, it is time to reach out to help those less fortunate. Our job is to provide appropriate support, and offer assistance as the government has suggested AND:

Make a plan, and provide for the support for your own community.

Mike Fagel
Michael J. Fagel, PhD.,CEM Certified Emergency Manager